Ministry of Planning
Development & Reform



The Planning Commission has clearly deviated from the past tradition of just preparing a plan without worrying about the implementation. The Vision instead encompasses a roadmap and an implementation strategy for more...

Mamnoon Hussain
Ex-President of Pakistan


I am glad to know that the Planning Commission has accomplished the important task of preparing the Pakistan Vision 2025 document. Having a Vision has been a key ingredient of the development strategy of nations that have accelerated their growth in recent times. read more...

Mohammad Nawaz Sharif
EX-Prime Minister of Pakistan


There are more than two hundred nations whose flags fly outside the UN Headquarters. Every nation aspires to become a developed country but the reality is that there are only a few dozen nations that are either developed or on the high growth trajectory to join this league of developed nations. read more...

Prof. Ahsan Iqbal
Ex-Interior Minister


The seven pillars of Vision 2025 are based on the imperatives of embracing change and transformation, and to create new opportunities based on our innate strengths. Pakistan's untapped potential provides room for optimism that Pakistan could emerge as a great nation and economic power if resources are generated, managed and used efficiently.

I am confident that this Vision and the subsequent strategy will lay down the foundations of a prosperous, just and harmonious society much before 2025. While going through the document, one can realize that managing the 7th most populous country of the world is a gigantic task but managing it during transition amidst internal and external challenges is even more demanding. I have full faith in the capabilities of my nation and in its ability to manage these challenges. I am glad to know that Vision 2025 acknowledges the forces of technology and knowledge which have entirely changed the way we conduct transactions, interact with each other, create value, and generate business.

"Our Vision today is to make Pakistan next Asian Tiger"