Ministry of Planning
Development & Reform

Overview of SDGs


Pakistan has prioritized the Sustainable Development Goals which will enable us to join the league of upper middle class countries by 2030. Pakistan was the first country to adopt SDGs 2030 agenda through a unanimous resolution of parliament.

The government conducted discussions on post-Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with all stakeholders for coordinating and strengthening efforts at federal and provincial levels to achieve Pakistan's sustainable development and poverty reduction targets.The consultation process emphasized the need for national categorisation of SDGs, improved data collection and enforcement of monitoring mechanisms, he said.

The seven pillars of Vision-2025 are fully aligned with the SDGs, providing a comprehensive long-term strategy for achieving inclusive growth and sustainable development. At the federal level, a SDGs Monitoring and Coordination Unit, in coordination with UNDP, isbeing set up to serve as a national coordinating entity with similar units in the provinces.