Development Projects

Development Communication

1.To disseminate key information and build awareness on national development process,policies and initiatives among target audiences at national and international level. 2.To initiate two-way dialogue with the citizens for community-based and participatory sustainable development measures.

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China-Pak Economic Corridor Support Project

Establishment/Strengthen China-Pak Economic Corridor Secretariat in the M/o Planning Development and Special Initiatives for overall coordination and implementation of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects/activities in collaboration with the concerned line ministries,departments,financial institutions and Chinese counterparts.

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Center of Excellence for CPEC

The main objective is to state of the art Center of Excellence for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) as joint initiative of M/o Planning,Development and Special Initiative and PIDE. 1.To set up research-based,independent policy think tank on CPEC. 2.To establish the department of Pak-China Studies.

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