Development Projects

Development and Deployment of Online Satellite Image Service

Approved:DDWP 08.05.2020 Estimated Cost:508.314 Expenditure upto (30.06.2021):120.000 Allocation 2021-22:305.243

Establishment of Pakistan Space Centre (PSC)

Approval Status:ECNEC(14.11.2018) Estimated Cost:29506.233 Expenditure upto (30.06.2021):2210.000 Allocation 2021-22:2400.000

Establishment of Space Application Research Centre, Gilgit Baltistan (SPARC-GB)

Approval Status:CDWP(24.05.2018) Estimated Cost:565.666 Expenditure upto (30.06.2021):514.535 Allocation 2021-22:51.131

Feasibility and System Definition Study (FSDS) of Pakistan Satellite Navigation Program (PSNP)

Approval Status:CDWP(19.05.2020) Estimated Cost:780.000 Expenditure upto (30.06.2021):64.994 Allocation 2021-22:682.626

Feasibility and System Definition Study (FSDS) of Spaceport

Approval Status:DDWP(28.05.2020) Estimated Cost:500.000 Expenditure upto (30.06.2021):53.500 Allocation 2021-22:446.500

Pakistan Multi-Mission Communication Satellite System (PakSat-MM1)

Approval Status:ECNEC (06.01.2020) Estimated Cost:39739.739 Expenditure upto (30.06.2021):578.175 Allocation 2021-22:2670.884

Advanced Systems for Paksat-1R Ground Control Segment (GCS)

Approval Status:DDWP(25.05.2021) Estimated Cost:897.212 Expenditure upto (30.06.2021):0.000 Allocation 2021-22:528.480