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Cancer Hospital in ICT to be revived soon: Ahsan Iqbal Project was shelved by previous gov't

Dated : 12 May 2022

Federal Minister for Planning,Development & Special Initiatives Professor Ahsan Iqbal on Thursday announced to restart the first state-of-the-art cancer hospital in Islamabad which was shelved by the previous government.

The Minister made this announcement through a message on twitter while stating that, “Insh’Allah Cancer Hospital in Islamabad will be revived soon,” he tweeted.

The project of a 200-bed cancer hospital was approved during the PML-N government for which the government had also sanctioned Rs 5billion under Public Sector Development Programme PSDP.

The cancer hospital wassupposed to benefit 7,000 poor patients annually, but the previous PTI government quietly scrapped the project in January 2019.

The first ever state-of-the-art project was fullyready for launch and that PWD had also prepared the design for the constructionof the building by allocating space for it in city’s largest Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences PIMS premises.

During the PML-N tenure even the maps were also approved and consultants were also hired for the project. But suddenly, on the direction of former Prime Imran Khan the project was shelved.

Federal Minister for Planning Professor AhsanIqbal has said that the previous government had shelved several public interest projects initiated by the PML-N due to political reasons in a result people suffered a lot. However, he said that the incumbent government will revive all the pending projects in the best interest of the public.

“Our top priority isto facilitate the public by reviving the pending projects,” he added.

There are a total of 27 cancer treatment centers inPakistan, a limited number of which medical experts consider a major obstaclein the treatment of cancer patients.

According to medical experts, Pakistan isfacing a severe shortage of cancer treatment facilities and only 10 to 15thousand patients a year can be treated.According to the Health Research Institute, Pakistan's state-run health statistics agency, about 2.5 million new cases of canceremerge in the country annually and 100,000 patients die.

According to the WorldHealth Organization, facilities for treating cancer patients in Pakistan are inadequate.