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Inauguration Ceremony of “Executive Management Leadership Course for 1000 Civil Servants

Dated : 9 February 2017

Islamabad, February 09, 2017: Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Mr. Ahsan Iqbal addressed the Inauguration Ceremony of “Executive Management Leadership Course for 1000 Civil Servants” held at P-block Auditorium.

The purpose of this course is to share modern principles of management and leadership styles with existing officers. Officers can incorporate their learnings into their everyday working in order to bring a change in their own sphere of influence.

While addressing the ceremony, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Mr. Ahsan Iqbal said that 20 years ago quality education, good healthcare was provided from public sector. Moreover, municipal services were performing but today public service delivery is on the decline. Honorable Minister acknowledged that Civil Servants currently in service have the capacity and potential to perform well but still the results on the score card are not so good pointing to the fact that there is something wrong in the system. Honorable Minister emphasized on the need of innovations and modern techniques which can help to revolutionize the system and can allow civil servants to perform upto their potential.

Minister said that public sector and civil servants running it should serve as the backbone of economy.

Minister stated that He a High Performing Government driven by results is need of the hour. Minister maintained that government should be responsive to citizen feedback and needs.

Minister stressed that there is a need for a paradigm shift from the old style of bureaucracy which was put in place during the british rule in subcontinent.

Mr. Ahsan Iqbal urged the civil servants in attendance to work as agents of development and growth with in their respective areas. Minister asked the civil servants to let go of the old culture and mind sets and learn to circumference the system in order to get the things done.

Minister highlighted four key elements needed to revolutionize civil service: (i) Improvement of institutional capacity of governance, (ii) Team Work, (iii) Inclusive Working, (iv) Incorporation of citizen feedback in public service delivery.

He said that these results can only be achieved if we learn modern management practices that have been followed in the corporate sector.

Minister highlighted the significance of leadership style and said that there is a need to learn leadership practices to make people work with you as a mission to get results and not just a contractual job of staying at office and doing nothing.

Federal Minister Mr. Ahsan Iqbal mentioned CPEC as a golden opportunity for Pakistan and said that we have to work at the best of our capacity so that we can give our country a necessary thrust to takeoff.