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Yellow Line, Karachi Water Supply Project & East Bay Expressway of Gwadar Port recommended to ECNEC.

Dated : 16 May 2019

Central Development Working Party (CDWP) meeting on Thursday, held under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman Planning Commission/Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reform Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar accorded approval to one project worth Rs. 385.135 million and recommended 04 projects worth Rs. 123.6 billion to ECNEC for consideration.

Secretary Planning Zafar Hasan, senior officials from federal and provincial governments were also present in the meeting. Projects related to transport & communication, physical Planning & housing, governance, food & agriculture and health were presented in the meeting.

Government of Sindh presented project “Karachi Urban Mobility Project (Yellow Line)” worth Rs. 61436.00 million which was recommended to ECNEC for consideration. Minister for Planning said that the incumbent Government is committed to development of Karachi and the completion of project will provide travelling facilities to the people of the city. He added that the project is closely aligned to the Federal Government’s manifesto and objectives with urban development and green growth.

Another important project of Government of Sindh “Karachi Water & Sewerage Services Improvement Project (KWSSIP) Phase-1” worth Rs. 14729.27 million was also recommended to ECNEC for consideration. The project will facilitate improve the capacity of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board to provide better water and sanitation services to the residents of Karachi and to carry out its routine activities of development, operation and management of waste water treatment infrastructure facilities.

The second project related to transport “Construction of Expressway on East Bay of Gwadar Port (Revised)” worth Rs. 17369.84 million was presented by Ministry of Maritime Affairs which was referred to ECNEC for consideration. The project envisages construction of 18.981 km four lane divided limited access expressway with embankment for 6 lanes integrating Gwadar Port with the Makran Coastal Highway as well as with its Free Zone and future container terminals. The length of off-shore section of Expressway is 4.34 Km and on-shore section is 14.641 Km.

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa presented a project “KP Irrigated Agriculture Improvement Project” worth Rs. 30048.747 million which was recommended to ECNEC for consideration. The project aims to improve performance/functionality of the farm level irrigation delivery system and reduce water waste.

Ministry of National Health, Services, Regulation & Coordination presented a project “Up-gradation of Gastroenterology Department/Replacement of Equipment for advanced Liver and GI diseases, PIMS, Islamabad” worth Rs. 385.135 million which was accorded approval by the CDWP.

Two position papers ‘Constructin of Delay Action Dams in Balochistan-Package III’ and ‘Lahore Garment City’ worth Rs. 716.63 million were also considered. Both were accorded approval for further processing.