Ministry of Planning
Development & Special Initiatives
Public Awareness Campaign ON Corruption: "United Against Corruption for a Prosperous Pakistan....."

Local Trainings

Nominations For 4-Month(Part-time) English Shorthand Theory Course(PITMAN New ERA Shorthand) For APS,Stenotypists,UDCs,LDCs,And Dependents Of Government Servants.

2022-06-15 | Status: Open| Closing Date:21-06-2022

Five Days Training Course on "Climate Chnage-Implications and Adaptation.

2022-04-29 | Status: Open| Closing Date:29-04-2022

Nomination for NIRDPR-PGDRDM course,Batch-20,Admission of International In-service students.

2022-04-29 | Status: Open| Closing Date:29-04-2022

AARDO and CIFOR-ICRAF International Webinar Series of E-lecture

2022-04-29 | Status: Open| Closing Date:29-04-2022

Schedule of Training Programs For the Month of May,2022

2022-04-27 | Status: Open| Closing Date:07-05-2022

One-week Special Training Courses on Manual For Development

2022-03-16 | Status: Open| Closing Date:26-03-2022

Training Courses for 4th Quarter(April-June)2021-22

2022-02-21 | Status: Open| Closing Date:02-03-2022

Training Course for 4th Quarter(April-June)2021-22

2022-02-17 | Status: Open| Closing Date:02-03-2022

Nomination for the Training Courses

2022-02-17 | Status: Open| Closing Date:27-02-2022