Public Awareness Campaign ON Corruption: "United Against Corruption for a Prosperous Pakistan....."

Local Trainings

Five Days Training Course on Food Security-Issues & Mitigation Strategies.

2023-11-23 | Status: Open| Closing Date:14-12-2023

Nomination for Appointment as Vice-President in ETDB.

2023-11-16 | Status: Open| Closing Date:24-11-2023

Five Days Training Course on Social Saftey Nets-New Imperatives,December.

2023-11-07 | Status: Open| Closing Date:03-12-2023

Nominations for Training Course on Office Procedure and Practices.

2023-11-02 | Status: Open| Closing Date:17-11-2023

Nominations for Training Course on Microsoft Office(Excel & Power Point).

2023-11-02 | Status: Open| Closing Date:10-11-2023

Nominations for Training Course on Promotion Policy/Rules.

2023-11-02 | Status: Open| Closing Date:01-12-2023

Two Days Training Workshop for Govt. Officers on "Age Appropriate Projects and Programmes".

2023-10-23 | Status: Open| Closing Date:23-10-23

Five Days Training Course on Planning & Management of Development Projects From November 13-17,2023.

2023-10-18 | Status: Open| Closing Date:09-11-2023

Adaption:Towards a Resilient Pakistan on November 7-8,2023.

2023-10-16 | Status: Open| Closing Date:16-10-2023

Five Days Training Course on Small and Medium Enterprises for Employment Generation from 30 October-03 November 2023.

2023-10-10 | Status: Open| Closing Date:30-10-2023

Evidence Based Program Design 2023-Invitation for Application/Nomination

2023-10-05 | Status: Open| Closing Date:31-10-2023

Announcement of Recruitment for the Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant AID in Pakistan.

2023-10-05 | Status: Open| Closing Date:06-11-2023

Workshops for State Institutions on Strategic Communication and Social Behavior Change(SBC).

2023-10-05 | Status: Open| Closing Date:06-10-2023

Five Day's Training Course on Water Resource Management-Issues and way forward.

2023-09-14 | Status: Open| Closing Date:09-10-2023

AHKNCRD-AARDO Collaborative Regional Training Workshop on Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation,Islamabad.

2023-09-08 | Status: Open| Closing Date:20-09-2023