Vision of CRE

A globally acknowledged Centre of Excellence, work in multidisciplinary action-oriented policy research on all aspects of rural economy.

CRE'S Goals

The overall goal of CRE is to improve sustainable and inclusive growth in rural areas. The specific objectives are:

  1. 1. Reduce rural poverty.
  2. 2. Improve food security, resilience, and social protection.
  3. 3. Generate gainful employment in rural areas and reduce rural-urban gaps and migration.
  4. 4. Enhance competitiveness and boost export from rural economy.
  5. 5. Improve sustainability of natural resources and environment in rural areas.

Objectives of CRE

The overarching objective of Centre for Rural Economy is to provide quality evidence based policy recommendations associated with all aspects of Pakistan's Rural Economy. To achieve this goal, the following major objectives are envisaged for the institution:

  1. 1. Enriched institutional capacity for analysis of rural economy of Pakistan
  2. 2. Enhancement of researchers and stakeholders capacities, capabilities and acquisition of new skills
  3. 3. Encourage evidence-based policies
  4. 4. Reduce working distance between academia and policy makers
  5. 5. Improve efficiency, competitiveness, collaboration and funding in socioeconomic policy research

Seminars / Conferences

Seminar on Women's Role in Rural Development of Pakistan

28thDecember, 2017: Centre for Rural Economy (CRE) organized seminar onWomen's Role in Rural Development of Pakistan on Thursday 28th December 2017 at "P" Block Auditorium, Pak Secretariat Planning Commission in Islamabad... read more

Rural Transformation in Asia

Conference: "Rural Transformation is pivotal to achieve food security, improve farmers' income, reduce rural poverty and attain sustainability,"... read more


The Centre is working under the guidance and supervision of the following professionals:

S.no Name of Officers Designation Contact Number
1 Dr. Aamir Irshad CEO/PD Centre for Rural Economy (CRE) 051 9220617
2 Mr. Syed Amjad Hussain Group Head-I 051 9245071
3 Dr. Qaiser Rafique Yasser Group Head-II 051 9245072
4 Dr. Faisal Anwar Malik Group Head-IV 051 9245075
5 Mr. Mushtaq Ur Rehman Senior Research Fellow-IV 051 9245078
6 Mr. Sohail Ajmal Paracha Senior Research Fellow-II 051 9245074
7 Mr. Ansar Mahmood Rao Manager Admin & Finance 051 9245076
8 Mr. Muhammad Ayaz Keerio Senior Research Fellow- I 051-9245238
9 Mr. Muhammad Khan Senior Research Fellow- III 051-9245237

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