Public Awareness Campaign ON Corruption: "United Against Corruption for a Prosperous Pakistan....."

Foreign Trainings

AARDO-MARDI International Online Training Programme on Agricultural Nanotechnology Catalysing Food Security and Sustainability,MARDI,Malaysia.

2024-05-08 | Status: Open| Closing Date:10-09-2024

Development and Promotion of new Industries Through Accelerating Innovation.

2024-05-02 | Status: Open| Closing Date:12-11-2024

In-Person Course Integrated Waste Management Strategies and circular for sustainable development to be conducted by singapore environment institute under singapore cooperatio programme training award.

2024-04-30 | Status: Open| Closing Date:22-05-2024

2024 multilateral training programs under china AID

2024-04-26 | Status: Open| Closing Date:08-05-2024

2024 Bilateral Training Program Under China AID(First Batch)

2024-04-26 | Status: Open| Closing Date:08-05-2024

2024 MOFCOM Scholarships Degree Education Program

2024-04-26 | Status: Open| Closing Date:08-05-2024

AHKNCRD-AARDO's Regional Offices Collaborative One-Day National Seminar on Climate Change Issues,Mitigation and Adaptation.

2024-04-26 | Status: Open| Closing Date:18-05-2024

In-Person Course Port Management and Operations under the singapore cooperation programme training award.

2024-04-23 | Status: Open| Closing Date:27-05-2024

In-Person Course on Strategic Leadership and Public Governance under th singapore cooperation programme training award.

2024-04-23 | Status: Open| Closing Date:10-05-2024

Online International Training Programme on Design Thinking for Sustainable Agriculture at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur,India

2024-04-23 | Status: Open| Closing Date:26-04-2024

In-person Digital Economy,E-commerce and artificial intelligence under the singapore cooperation training programme award.

2024-04-23 | Status: Open| Closing Date:06-05-2024

Workshop On technopreneurship and industry 4.0 for TVET education towards global sustainable and education by Malaysian Technology Development Cooperation,Kuala Lumpur.

2024-04-22 | Status: Open| Closing Date:14-05-2024

In-Person Empowering with disabilities and special needs to be held from 15th july to 19 july,2024 under the singapore cooperation programme training award to be conducted by civil service college.

2024-04-04 | Status: Open| Closing Date:26-04-2024

In-Person course on sustainable urban transport planning and strategies to be held from 24 to 28 june,2024 under the singapore cooperation training programme.

2024-04-04 | Status: Open| Closing Date:01-05-2024

In-person course on trade and business development to be held from 24th to 28 th June,2024.under the singapore cooperation training programme.

2024-04-04 | Status: Open| Closing Date:01-05-2024

Invitation to register for a certified course mediator skills training by qualified foreign trainers,recognized by international mediation institute hague and asian institute of alternative dispute resolution Malaysia.

2024-04-03 | Status: Open| Closing Date:27-05-2024

In-person course on Supply-Chain Resilience to ve conducted in singapore.

2024-04-02 | Status: Open| Closing Date:19-04-2024

Training Course on Executive Certificate in Smart Clean Water Management 5.0 by the infrastructure enviro-water management SDN.BHD.Selangor under the malaysian technical cooperation programme

2024-04-02 | Status: Open| Closing Date:03-05-2024

National School of Public Policy

2024-04-02 | Status: Open| Closing Date:25-04-2024

Building Sustainable animal agriculture value chains for livelihood improvement of smallholder farmers.

2024-04-01 | Status: Open| Closing Date:22-04-2024

Energy Policy

2024-03-13 | Status: Open| Closing Date:12-04-2024

2024 KOICA scholarship programme for doctoral/master's degree.

2024-03-13 | Status: Open| Closing Date:15-03-2024

Training course on greening tvet for sustainable development to be held under singapore-colombo plan staff college joint training programme.

2024-03-08 | Status: Open| Closing Date:22-03-2024

Invitation to training on developing and financing sustainable energy projects.

2024-02-27 | Status: Open| Closing Date:11-03-2024

Training Course on innovations in governance to be held from 13th to 16th May,2024 under singapore-qatar asia-middle east dialogue training programme.

2024-02-26 | Status: Open| Closing Date:12-03-2024

Training Course on Innovations in Governance to be held from 27-31 May,2024 under singapore cooperation training programme.

2024-02-21 | Status: Open| Closing Date:01-04-2024

AHKNCRD-AARDO's Regional Offices collaborative one-day national seminar on climate change issues,mitigation and adaptation.

2024-02-19 | Status: Open| Closing Date:07-04-2024

Flood disaster risk reduction

2024-02-15 | Status: Open| Closing Date:01-10-2024

Senior-Level Job Opening Regional Adviser on Environment Statistics,P-5.

2024-02-02 | Status: Open| Closing Date:17-02-2024

2024 KOICA Scholarship Programme for Master's Degree.

2024-02-02 | Status: Open| Closing Date:23-02-2024

Information on infrastructure management program at Yokohama national university under joint Japan world bank graduation scholarship program(JJWBGSP)

2024-01-26 | Status: Open| Closing Date:06-02-2024

Core human resource development for road asset management (JFY2024)

2024-01-26 | Status: Open| Closing Date:08-03-2024

International Training workshop on achieving sustainable development goals-challenges and opportunities in African-Asia Countries,Amman,Jordan

2024-01-24 | Status: Open| Closing Date:19-02-2024

Annual International Training Course,2023 Through Online Conference Plateform/Inperson.

2023-12-22 | Status: Open| Closing Date:10-03-2024

Training Course Fostering The Digital Economy Through AI and Data Governance Under the Singapore-Japan International Cooperation Agency The 21st Century.

2023-12-13 | Status: Open| Closing Date:05-01-2024

Vegetable Production Technology For Livelihood Improvement of small-scale Farmers.

2023-12-07 | Status: Open| Closing Date:01-02-2024

Request for Publishing the Advertisement for Recruiting "Plastic Expert Under the Plastic Free Rivers and Seas for South Asia Project Implemented by SACEP"

2023-12-07 | Status: Open| Closing Date:01-01-2024