Ministry of Planning
Development & Special Initiatives
Public Awareness Campaign ON Corruption: "United Against Corruption for a Prosperous Pakistan....."
Safety Measures: "Public Awareness Messages to Avoid Covid-19 Pandemic..."

Foreign Trainings

Joint Japan/World bank Graduate Scholarship Program-Window for 2021.

2021-03-31 | Status: Open| Closing Date:21-05-2021

Eniiancing Capacity For Sustainable Fisheries Development

2021-03-30 | Status: Open| Closing Date:09-04-2021

Human Resource Development For Creating Tourism Destination For Sustainable Tourism

2021-03-30 | Status: Open| Closing Date:02-04-2021

E-Learning 2021 Multilateral Training Programs Under China Aid

2021-03-30 | Status: Open| Closing Date:15-04-2021

Online International Training Programme on "Seed Production and Quality Evaluation" at ICAR-Indian Agriculture Research Institute,New Delhi,India

2021-03-19 | Status: Open| Closing Date:23-03-2021

International Online Traning Programme on "Sustainable Agriculture in Saline Ecologies",ICAR-Centeral Soil Salinity Research Institue,Karnal,Haryana,India

2021-03-15 | Status: Open| Closing Date:22-03-2021

2021-KOICA Scholarship Program For Master's Degree

2021-03-09 | Status: Open| Closing Date:10-03-2021

The policy Dialogue on Economic Assistantce/Request Survey for technical Assistance in 2021

2021-03-01 | Status: Open| Closing Date:05-03-2021

Renewable Energy in Grid-Mainly on Photovoltaic

2021-03-01 | Status: Open| Closing Date:03-03-2021

2021 KOICA Scholarship Program for Master's Degree

2021-02-25 | Status: Open| Closing Date:26-02-2021

Filling up the Post of Assistant Secretary General of African-Asian Rural Development Organization

2021-01-21 | Status: Open| Closing Date:25-01-2021

Announcement of ISDB Scholarship Programmes for the Academic year 2020-2021

2021-01-20 | Status: Open| Closing Date:28-02-2021