Civil Registration
and Vital Statistics

Technical Support Unit - CRVS

A well-functioning Civil Registration System is critical in monitoring country's progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Information on Vital Statistics (births, deaths, migration etc.) is needed by a number of Ministries and Departments for day to day use, planning and forecasting.

Towards this end a Technical Support Unit has been established within Ministry of Planning Development and Special Initiatives for the promotion and strengthening of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (in PPMI Complex H 8/1- Islamabad). UNICEF is extending institutional support for the development and functioning of this unit for initial years.

This CRVS Technical Support Unit would have specific functions. These include;

  1. • Overall technical coordination for CRVS Development and Promotion
  2. • Facilitate CRVS advocacy and organization and follow-up of National/Provincial Steering Committee meetings,
  3. • Facilitate strategic planning process for CRVS
  4. • Aid in capacity building in multiple CRVS disciplines
  5. • Assist in organization of assessment studies, specific surveys
  6. • Promote inter-agency and Stakeholder's coordination for CRVS uplift.
  7. • Gather Innovative Solutions to CRVS Issues and Barriers