Civil Registration
and Vital Statistics

Public Awareness Messages: Make the Invisible Visible….Help your child to establish a legal Identity….Let the State knows to protect your basic rights….Take a step towards getting your human, social, economic, cultural, political & legal rights….. Play your part in monitoring country's progress to development..


Civil registration is the continuous, permanent, compulsory and universal recording of the occurrence and characteristics of vital events of the population in accordance with the law.

News& Highlights

National consultation workshop was organized by TSU-CRVS M/o PD&SI with participants from both federal and provincial CRVS stakeholders regarding "National CRVS Strategic Plan: 2022 – 2026".
Nov 04, 2021
Capacity building workshop for CRVS Stakeholders (Planning, Health & LG&RD Dept.) was conducted by TSU-CRVS M/o PD&SI at Quetta, Balochistan.
Oct 27-28, 2021
CRVS Kick Start Meeting of CRVS Stakeholders from Islamabad Capital Territory Senior officials/Administration
October 05, 2021
District Pakpattan Delegates Orientation Visit to Technical Support Unit for CRVS
13– 14 Sep, 2021


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