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Mr. Muhammad Asif

• Master of Economics and LLB from University of Punjab, Lahore, with 30 years’ experience of public policy analysis, matters relating to project proposals in public sector, foreign investment issues and public procurement.

• Have gained ample experience of development process in the country by serving in Public Investment Authorization and Public Investment Programming Sections of Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives.

• Gained good experience through coordination of approval process of the public sector development schemes/projects received the Planning Commission for approval.

• Have gained strong experience of Public Procurement Rules, 2004 and regulations issued to govern procurement by the public sector entities at federal level.

• Remained associated for departing training to public/private sector participants in workshops arranged by the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority regarding applicability of Rules and interpretation.

• Good experience was gained through meetings, seminars, foras including participation in International Trainings on the issue of promotion of foreign direct investment.