Ministry of Planning
Development & Special Initiatives
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Mr. Muhammad Ikram

Mr. Muhammad Ikram possesses a master’s degree in economics and has a diversified experience of working in Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs Division and Ministry of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives. He has experience in various macroeconomic areas including monetary and fiscal policies, inflation, capital market, public debt and circular debt, etc. Besides, he has experience of dealing with various matters of development projects and PSDP. He has availed around 27 foreign and domestic trainings in professional fields.
His contributions in public debt management strategies include formulation of amended version of Fiscal Responsibility and Debt Limitation Act (2017) and Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy. Besides, he prepared and Debt Policy Statements and Fiscal Policy Statements & Medium-term Budgetary statement annually from 2012 to 2017 and Public Private Partnership Authority Act 2017,
He has expertise in dealing with development partners of Pakistan in the areas of financial cooperation to achieve macroeconomic sustainability and to improve economic cooperation with the counties of South/East Asia, South America/North America and Eu/Europe USA/Australia.