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Federal Minister Ministry of Planning Development & Special Initiatives

Mr. Ahsan Iqbal is the Minister of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives for the Government of Pakistan. He joined this ministry in April 2022 and is responsible for overseeing all the policies and divisions included in the ministry ranging from administration, social, governance, to Information Technology, Infrastructure, Energy, etc. He is also serving as the Member of Parliament in National Assembly of Pakistan and the key member of a political party in Pakistan named Pakistan Muslim League(N).

Mr. Iqbal has served as the Minister for Interior from 2017 to 2018 and Minister of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives from 2013 to 2018. During his tenure as the Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives, he developed policies related to Planning, Regional Integration, Strategic Planning and Change Management and also worked for their implementation for the growth of Pakistan. He has strong expertise in the professional business development with the focus in Leadership and Development. He also has skilled proficiency in campaigns management.

As a Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives, Mr. Iqbal has prominently worked on various initiatives including flood relief programs and gender equality projects. He has been working closely with the planning and implementation of CPEC which is a huge economic initiative in the development of Pakistan. Furthermore, he has an extensive professional experience as an author and has penned numerous policy papers in the domain of planning, strategy and business development. He has an active involvement as an author in the leading dailies of Pakistan like The News International, Express Tribune, etc. Mr. Ahsan Iqbal has also served as a professor of management at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad, between 2000 and 2007s.